GmbH was founded in December 2018 as a spin-off of Digitoxx by Thiemo Laubach and Torsten Katthöfer, headquartered in Hamburg.

Thiemo Laubach has been working on the human component in digitization projects for more than a decade, and he focused on this completely with the founding of Digitoxx at the beginning of 2017. In autumn 2018, Torsten Katthöfer joined the team, which has been working on data, analyses and in the last five years with the sensible application of methods and methods of artificial intelligence for nearly two decades.

The common potential was obvious: hypotheses emerging from (usual) human interaction can now be quantified and qualified with hard facts from existing data. Data-based indicators that show current behaviour and the extent of change allow us to actively measure the culture of cooperation and communication in companies – an ideal basis for the targeted monitoring of digitization projects.

This created three core areas:

  • Digital Adoption: The accompanying fact-based advice and support for digitization projects (focus on users and program management)
  • Advanced Analytics: Deploying Decision-Supporting Indicators from (any) Data
  • Artificial Intelligence: Increasing efficiency and quality through the use of artificial intelligence methods


Thiemo Laubach

Torsten Katthöfer


After some searching we have now found a location in Münster, which we will move into in January 2020.
contexxt.AI Adoption Board ist raus


Hypothesis-based adoption scores enable targeted analysis and advice on the introduction of Microsoft teams. In addition, we are already thirteen.


How to move: We now have our Hamburg headquarters as a guest at MontuaPartner Communications at Sandtorkai 75 in Hamburg.


We are already eight. A great team develops, which treats each other constructively and respectfully.


From Digitoxx, GmbH with the managing directors Thiemo Laubach and Torsten Katthöfer


data, analyses and AI


– as a company for the support and consulting of digitization projects