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E-Coach: Adoption Bot

A personal E-Coach for developing digital tool skills.

The Adoption Bot is an e-coach that improves employees' digital skills through clear reference to learning needs and direct training on actual work practice. The Ai based coach identifies learning opportunities to increase digital skills - sustainably, long-term, individual, and automatic. Currently, the focus is on Microsoft 365 tools, especially Teams, but the connection of other knowledge areas is planned.

Improve digital habits sustainably

Thanks to our automated analysis, our software can recognize and understand the current digital ways of working of each individual. Based on these insights, the coach sends tailor-made push dialogues, tips and challenges. Over time, our adoption bot gets to know the employees better and better, adapts to their individual needs and supports them in a targeted and systematic way in improving their digital skills and adapting their skillset habits.

Focus on Microsoft Teams and M365

The AI-based software technology detects individual learning potential through sensor technology anchored in M365, which efficiently and securely analyzes raw data via the Graph.API. The focus is currently on the following Microsoft 365 applications:

Our software has been certified for the second time in a row "Microsoft 365 App Compliance", an external attestation of outstanding architecture and processes regarding data security according to the established standards PCI DSS (Attestation of Compliance (AOC)), ISO27001 and SOC 2, Type II.

A bird's eye view: Adoption Analytics

Visibility of your company's digital performance

With contexxt.ai Adoption Analytics, you gain deep insights into the reality of digital collaboration and communication in your company.

You will learn precisely how effectively digital tools from Microsoft 365, such as Teams, Planner, and Outlook, are being used and to what extent. Interactive PowerBI dashboards analyze and show which ways of working, which tools are used, and how.

Effective action through fact-based knowledge

With contexxt.ai Adoption Analytics, you can see the impact of the interaction between Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Planner. You can positively influence information flows and knowledge gains by actively controlling your toolset and corresponding communication within the company. Based on the data-based qualitative assessment of contexxt.ai Adoption Analytics, you derive targeted measures to improve your company's digital collaboration, communication, and meeting culture.

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Pricing for our products is based on a per-user/license model and is based on a minimum contract term of 12 months. Pricing terms are based on the product purchased and the number of user licenses purchased. Digital learning content for Microsoft 365 Tools (more than 600 tips and inspirations) is already included. Additional content (e.g. for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, etc.) from premium partners can be added upon request.

Our products can be purchased individually, Adoption Bot or Analytics Dashboard only, but preferential prices are offered for the complete contexxt.ai suite.

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Gamification - The sustainability boost

To ensure that new digital work habits have a long-term impact, contexxt.ai has introduced "gamification" in e-coaching that is effective in terms of work psychology. Employees are asked to actively apply new ways of working and are rewarded with points and badges, increasing the sustainability of the transformation.

Badge and level systems for various tasks and functions are captured on a personal dashboard to visualize an individual's progress. These badges confirm one's progress in a real-world work context.