Our software solution “sphere” for Microsoft Office 365, with a focus on Microsoft Teams, was developed from the experience of our consulting mandates: It allows both a data- and fact-driven measurement of the success of the change in the company, but also gives the Clear indications in which areas the best levers for change can be found.

Our assumption: Change can only be done purposefully if the current state of play is known in detail. In the case of change projects in the field of digital technologies, the change can be directly measured – in the raw data of the digital systems. Instead of questioning the employees in an elaborate and subjective way, the indicators of change in the digital patterns can be clearly and objectively identified. With our amannesis module for O365, we provide detailed analysis of how Microsoft Teams use them.

We have gone a step further: what if we qualify the digital but purely quantitative indicators? By juxtaposed established best practice behaviors and weighting and judging quantitative values in a best-practice maturity model? That is what we have done. As a result, there is an efficient diagnosis of the situation, including changes in qualitatively valuable behavior patterns from the past. The result: the “adoption score” for the entire company and individual divisions. About everything, but also for different categories:

  • Tool competence (How efficiently is the software handled?)
  • Communication (How efficiently is communication between them?)
  • Culture (How does culture change?)
  • Collaboration (How efficiently is cooperation?)
  • Knowledge and information management (How efficiently is knowledge stored?)
  • Digital Overload (How much digital background noise is there, and how efficiently is it kept low?)

Once we have a diagnosis, measures can be carried out in a targeted manner with clearly measurable results. Coachings where the effect is greatest, online trainings, pilot groups, roll-out planning from the experiences of the past. Decided not from the belly, but on facts.

The target groups of the Adoption Board are first of all those responsible for the digitization projects, for “New Work”, or for those who are allowed to roll out O365 and teams successfully. The target group is also the personnel developers who want to evaluate the success of measures. The target group is ultimately ALSO CFOs, who want to make the result of investments in digitalization and change in the company measurable.

The Adoption Board is the visually visible part of the SaaS “sphere” solution, which contains the underlying analytical metrics and digital patterns.

The Adoption Board
The “anamnesis” corresponds to a quantitative analysis of usage data.
Adoption Board - Diagnose
The “diagnosis” evaluates digital behavior patterns based on established best practices.