Digital Adoption Consulting

Creating benefits, not imposing technology

Projects with a focus on digital transformation, modern workplace, workplace of the future are often technologically driven – with the consequence that with the actual target group, the human being, reactions such as fear of change, scepticism, rejection up to over-motivated attitudes of refusal.

Our approach is to anchor the upcoming changes in people’s minds (“adopt”) in order to lead the meaningful and efficient projects to success. We focus on the individual benefit aspects of the user, find motivators, pioneers and establish the digital transformation in the minds of people, not in the devices. We have done our job well if our customers’ employees want to use the new technologies in a purposeful, purposeful and efficient manner and continue to do so after the introduction.

The basis of our advice is an established procedure model. First of all, much is being done in the background, while the threshold of perception of the digitization project is prepared, planned and effectively broken.

Building blocks of our consulting mandates

Inventory of the most important factors influencing the daily operational work of employees – both the positive and the negative.
All subjective impressions are digitized and evaluated.
  • Workshop “Adoption Mining”: A standardized workshop format produces qualified statements about the personal challenges and benefits of employees. These workshops are conducted with a representative number of employees from all departments. In addition to clear benefit indicators, issues are also being developed that should not currently be replaced by new technologies – as they are perceived as very positive.
  • Workshop “Adoption Lab”: An intensive workshop format consisting of a shortened adoption mining, direct planning of concrete measures and, if necessary, the first prototypical implementation of targeted use cases.
  • Coaching of those responsible for digitisation: Our experienced consultants will accompany you in your projects and will be at your side with advice and assistance.
  • Internal communication: We support you in strategic internal communication – to take away fears, create trust and make successes tangible together.
  • Piloting: We work with you, your internal IT or your IT partner to develop the first pilots, identify ideal pilot groups and help to anchor the successes in the minds of the employees.
  • Independent role: As an external consultant, we talk to various people in short, coordinated meetings – to answer questions, get extended opinions and to gain multipliers.

Ideally, we start with the support before the start of corresponding digitization projects. However, we also help with the reorganization if existing projects threaten to go in the wrong direction.

Data-based success measurement

One advantage of change projects with a focus on digitalization is that, if successful, digital patterns will emerge that show whether and how the new technologies are being used. Unlike many common change plans, successes, but also failures, can be detected at a very early stage on the basis of clear facts. Appropriate successful measures can be scaled and developments in unintended directions can be targeted.

In the Office365 area, especially when introducing Microsoft Teams, we use our Adoption Board to drive the adaptation as efficiently as possible. More information can be found here.