We are looking for people who think outside the box

We need powerful heroes who see potential and create solutions. People who bring ideas and question things. Colleagues who are interested in things that happen. Team players who use given freedoms efficiently and accept and live our values.

For the area of digital adoption, we are looking for human connoisseurs and team players who actively accompany our customers in digitization projects. You run workshops, talk to people from different departments and hierarchies, document the results, recognize options for action and lead our customers to the digital goal with meaning, reason and data-driven facts.

What is important to us here is a high degree of communication strength and a good sense of human behaviour and its causes.

For our product development of our “Adoption Board”, we are looking for technology-savvy data heroes who know how to store data, how to transform it, how to visualize data in a targeted manner, and a sense of diagnostic indicators with meaningfulness. Azure, PowerShell, SQL, and DAX should be well-known terms. We are also looking for data scientists with a focus on machine learning and experience in Python and Azure technologies.

What is important to us is the ability to work in a distributed team with a strong, efficient and self-organized team.

Our values

Love it.

Do what you do, like to do it. Do meaningful things, don’t waste your life and energy.


Respect all people in their work, in nature and in intellect, reflect on your own actions.


Grow constantly and help others grow. Reflect your growth regularly.


Stay up to date, inspire us with new ideas and possibilities. There is no stupid idea!

Improve the world.

Always keep an eye on the option to improve the world. Whether on a small or a large scale, just do it.

What happens next?

Send us your application as a PDF to jobs@contexxt.ai, contact us on LinkedIn or meet us on Meetups. Let’s talk. The form and format of the application is at your discretion. Answer the question: Why do you fit in with us, and what can we do together?

If you are a real grenade, we are happy to turn the skewer around – we apply to you. One of us pitched our business model and our values, then you think about where you want to participate. If that suits us, it goes on.

One more thing: With us you can work when and where it is maximum efficient for you.