We digitize companies: people, not technology.

When “digitalization” hits companies, it doesn’t just bring about technological change. Above all, it causes massive changes in the daily work of the individual employees and in the interaction of the overall organization. contexxt.ai prepares organizations and employees for these changes, accompanies them and makes the development measurable – with data-driven analysis and methodological consulting.

Companies of all sizes face the unavoidable challenge of digitizing work processes and workplaces. New Work, Workplace 4.0 lead to changes in the working methods, but above all in cooperation. These changes have great potential, but they also bring with them crucial challenges – employees must want to, otherwise all projects are doomed to failure from the outset.

Our coaching mandates help to make the digitization projects successful in a structured and targeted manner in the company. The clear focus is to achieve measurable and verifiable results. Efficient workshop formats, established and tried-and-tested procedures and, last but not least, efficient analyses and data-driven success measurements lead transparently to step-by-step results.

contexxt.ai has made it its mission to focus on the benefits of technologies for the individual – in order to increase motivation and meaningfulness and to put the qualities that make up humanity more in the foreground of the work: Creativity and emotionality. For the digitization process, company-specific fields of action and user-oriented solutions must be defined, which are not only geared to the company’s goals, but above all to the needs of the employees as well as to the corporate culture – only in this way will positive effects be achieved through new forms of work…

Meet us:

On 09-10 October 2019 at the ModernRE in Berlin:

Thiemo Laubach talks about the credit-wool effect (link) and about the psychology of change (link):

On 24 October 2019, as part of the “Digital Workplace Seminars in Munich”:

Dr. Manuela Schwarze and Fabian Badersbach design the all-day seminar “Digital Skills (Link)“.

Otherwise you can also meet us regularly in Hamburg, Münster, Osnabrück, Nuremberg, Ingolstadt or Munich…

Change projects – a few opinions

The BDU trade association Change Management certainly takes a serious view.

In summary, far too few change projects still achieve their goals, a significant majority overshoot the target in both time and budget, or “do not achieve their planned technical objectives or only fully achieve them”.
The main reasons for the perceived discomfort of companies in change projects are mentioned: the multitude of change topics, the management and outdated structures. In addition, however, both the urgency and the awareness of having to evolve are growing.
This awareness also appears to result in the budgeting of change projects. It rose from “only” 14 [of the technical project budget] in 2007 to a whopping 28 in 2018, with the success rate doubling. These statements are certainly not overrated, but they provide a clear indication: think about how you get technological changes into use – before confronting your employees with them.

Source: Change Fitness Study 2018

Interesting things from the world of Advanced Analytics

Here is an interesting article about the systematic errors that are made in interpreting data, especially in predicting future things.

Link – Why youre so bad at predicting the future