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Current problem

Digital transformation is vital for any company that wants to survive in today's economy. However, despite significant investments in modern technologies to increase productivity and cost savings, the full potential of this transformation effort is still falling short.

In most cases, broad adoption of digital technologies is not occurring, and the potential of these investments goes by the wayside. This results in wasted investment, a lack of organizational performance improvements, as well as growing employee frustration.

So make the most of your digital transformation and start E-Coaching your employees today.

Our solution


Our innovative software analyzes how people work with digital systems (i.e., Microsoft 365) and measures current user behavior versus established best practices. At this point, our virtual e-coach adoption bot jumps in to help move users from their current behavior and provides tips and challenges to move them toward better sustainable habits and practices.


We have developed a comprehensive dashboard that gives you an overview of your company's digital usage level. It shows you at a glance how your organization performs regarding digital engagement and collaboration. It also indicates concrete fields of action where you can recognize successes and identify areas of potential improvement.

Effective e-coaching: digital ways of working, functions, methods and latest features.

Increase your Microsoft 365 and Teams skills with targeted e-coaching that focuses on leveraging the features, methodologies, and latest opportunities. Discover practical strategies to get the most out of Teams and integrated applications and realize your company's full performance potential.

Key Benefits

Individualized but automatic

Contexxt.ai uses the user’s current working behavior as a starting point to introduce coaching—no more cookie-cutter processes which can either be under or overwhelming to the user.

always in context

Contexxt.ai starts by analyzing the user's current digital ways of working to provide personalized E-Coaching. No more standard processes that can either under- or over-challenge the learner. Individuality instead of watering can!


Supportive and task-oriented, our E-Coach ensures that the user readily takes on challenges and tips to build new sustainable digital habits. This results in improved performance and reduced knowledge gap frustration.


Let’s you have a full overview of how your company is preforming with regards to its’ use of digital tools. Enables you to identify trouble spots and track progress.

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